Baluran in Me..

Baluran, Baluran..
Finally we met..

I went there on last 13-17 July 2011 to participate event 2nd Annual Birding Competition with Teens Go Green, Transformasi Hijau, and Jakarta Birdwatcher Society.

Baluran is one of National Park in East Java. It’s also well-known as the Africa of Java ’cause it’s dominated by Savanna ecosystem.

Baluran’s biodiversity was really dazzling me. Deer is the one you can often observe in Savanna, sometimes also we can see bulls, if you’re lucky enough.. 😀 And birds, of course, were our targeted object on this event.

These following pics are the random things about Baluran I should never forget..

Truck, was the vehicle that took us to Bekol (our camp area) from front gate of national park office. it reminds me to the similar journey in Meru Betiri National Park (other national park area in East Java), but the road in Meru Betiri was more wavy than Baluran, We were shaken a lot on the truck.

our favorite toilet chambers.. with its open-air view, we could shower (it really had shower!) under the beautiful open sky.. 🙂 very nice!

Oriental pied hornbil taken by Digiscoping technique. I saw this beautiful bird for the first time in 2006 when i went to Alas Purwo National Park, also other national park area in East Java. And after 5 years, I was so glad to see them again.. 😀

With strings of bull skulls, and I’m still wondering, why didn’t I see any deer skull?

Footprint of wildcat?? Hmm, I guess so.. 🙂

Bama Beach, the other beautiful site in Baluran..
When I was in university.. My friends, who took Aquatic Ecology Laboratory Work subject, always visit Bama Beach in Baluran for learning Macro-invertebrate. Since i didn’t take the subject, I had no chance to come to Baluran. But, finally I made it.. 😀 Yeay!

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