A Testimony of Love. Sebuah Kesaksian Cinta

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My lovely friends, Richard and Rama (or they always shorten their names as RiRa), are currently appealing a visa decision for Rama to settle with Richard in the UK. As part of the process there will be a tribunal hearing on Feb 14th, 2012.

I was asked to state any evidence I have in support of the authenticity of their relationship, to be presented in court. This statement below was originally from my handwriting. I post it here just to documenting and it’s dedicated to them..

Here is my statement..

I met Rama and Richard for the first time in 2008 when we were on trip together to Halimun National Park, Bogor for vacation. I knew them as friends of my friend, Sarie Wahyuni. At that time I didn’t know more about their relationship and I just saw Richard as Rama’s friend who travelling to Indonesia 😀

After the Halimun trip, we met again at a dinner to give Richard small farewell party because he’s going to leave Indonesia. We also gave him a small gift — Mini Angklung, Indonesian traditional music instrument made from Bamboo. He was so happy for it as he started trying to play it. He played ‘Happy Birthday’ song since our friend at the same time had her birthday. I was so surprised because it didn’t take much time for him to play Angklung (I have to admit that I can’t play Angklung well, I really envy him). At that time, I recognized Richard as a nice and friendly person. I’m type of person who difficult to see someone’s character at the first impression. And about Rama, I still didn’t know her well though at that time we had met twice. In addition, I still couldn’t read what’s going on between Richard and Rama until I saw them holding hands each other as leaving the place we had dinner together. I didn’t know why I was feeling something different when I saw them behaving like that. Not merely to guide Rama as they crossing the street, I could feel the sincerity on their holding hands, smiles, eye contact to each other, and I just realized that they’re falling in love.

Months later (2009), I met Rama once again on our trip to Rambut Island since we have common activities on being volunteer in a community in Jakarta. We talked a lot and that’s the time I felt that we’re getting closer and again I just realized that she’s so friendly and fun person to hang out with. Since then, we sometimes do some activities together.

One day (April, 2011), when I organized an event at an ecopark in Jakarta, I heard that Rama would come, not alone, she would come with Richard. Wow, I was so surprised of Richard’s coming. UK – Indonesia is too far away and also costly. I believe that no one would come this far if he/she doesn’t have a good reason for it (at that time, I was only thinking that he might be rich enough for this). After the event, we went to have lunch together and we decided to plan on having picnic together at Botanical Park, Bogor.

At picnic, they told me that they’re gonna be married this year. OMG, so this is that good reason!! a great news tooo. I was soo happy to hear that. The two faraway-apart hearts would become one soon. Their love and relationship are really in dead earnest. It really touched my heart.

And in June 2011, they finally married. I came to their happy-holy-ever marriage ceremony with other friends who also Rama-Richard’s best friends. I was also introduced to Richard’s parents and uncle. I came with thousand of happiness and lovely wishes for their life and love story.  The ceremony was going so humble before God and loves. I almost cried during the ceremony ’cause I wish I would be on their position soon.

Dear Honorable Court,
Rama and Richard’s love story is very beautiful. Getting the news that they can’t live together after married sounds like thunder to me, so sad, and it hurts. I’m convinced that they will be struggling for their love because we all know that being apart from our beloved one is very unpleasant.

They are my best and beloved friends. I will always support and pray for their happiness and peaceful life. That’s the reason why I write this letter and give my witness of the authenticity of their relationship.


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